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Put yourself first: achieving a healthy work-life balance in your career

We live in a time where the line between work and private life is becoming more blurred by the day.

Extending your hard skills: how to get closer to reaching your career goals

When looking for a new career opportunity, a very crucial aspect in becoming a valuable asset to future employers is

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Life as a freelancer: climbing the ladder without a tenure

A career as a freelancer may sound like a risky and precarious undertaking, but once you take the plunge you

We have better candidates: how to deal with rejection during your job hunt

Finding a new challenge in your career often requires a long breath. It can be pretty hard to stay motivated,

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Going global: some considerations before a career move abroad

The idea of leaving everyone and everything behind to embark on a new adventure abroad sounds like the ultimate dream

A career after the pandemic: how to prepare for a new opportunity

Over a year ago, a pandemic caused massive damage to our global economy, but there finally appears to be some

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The power of soft skills: how to highlight yours

You’ve probably stumbled upon the terms ‘hard skills’ and ‘soft skills’ all too often in the search for a new

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Home sweet home: do we really want to go back to the office?

About a year ago, the first pandemic in over a century caused global disruption, changing our routines of daily life

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Beat the bots: the rise of robot recruitment

Did you know that LinkedIn already existed way before the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat? Despite its age, the